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Asbestos-related illness is attributed to thousands of deaths in the UK each year, which is why it’s necessary to ensure that all buildings in East Molesey and elsewhere are subject to a full asbestos survey before construction, maintenance or refurbishment work is commenced. At Hazsafe, we offer expert asbestos survey and advice that aims to detect any possible source of asbestos. In the event that asbestos is detected, our removal experts can be on hand to safely and securely dispose of the material with minimum risk of spread. If you think you need us, give us a call on 07496451044.

Asbestos removal

If you believe that a potential source of asbestos has been disturbed on a premises where you are carrying out work, it's of the utmost importance that you act quickly. We offer immediate access to asbestos removal experts who can remove and dispose of asbestos quickly, efficiently and – most importantly – safely. Call us for fully-qualified asbestos removal in a flash.

Asbestos survey

We carry out informed asbestos building surveys, meaning that we follow the regulations to the letter when it comes to legal documentation of and procedural requirements regarding the detection and removal of asbestos-containing material. It is important that this work is carried out by experts with years of experience in dealing with possible sources of asbestos. Don’t take the risk – get an asbestos survey from us today.

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